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So, are you going to DevConnections in Las Vegas November 6-9th?  You need to! There are 6 tracks, and you can choose to focus on one track, or move around multiple tracks as sessions strike your fancy.

For the SharePoint track, there are several popular bloggers presenting sessions.  These are the blogs you watch every week, like Andrew Connell, Todd Bleeker, Bill English, Bil Simser, Darrin Bishop and Dustin Miller. This conference will be well worth your while for the SharePoint content and networking opportunities.

Myself, Bob Mixon and David Kruglov will all be there from ShareSquared and I am looking forward to meeting and talkig to people. We will have lots of opportunities to talk and share ideas and resources.

See you there!


posted on Monday, July 24, 2006 4:55 PM

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